Project Overview

Monitor BT is a joint project by Efacec and INOV, which was granted with European Union funds managed by QREN, the National Strategic Reference Framework.

Monitor BT project’s main goal is to develop and deploy advanced functionalities for fault management and voltage control on Low Voltage (LV) grids, through the use of distributed sensors.

Operational data collected along the LV feeders by wireless meshed sensors enable fault detection and location, fuse-blow detection in distribution cabinets and in secondary substations, leading to a reduction on the downtime, improving Quality of Service (QoS). Similarly, public lighting grid segments will also be subject to an identical solution, also comprising faulty light bulb detection and location.

Furthermore, last-gasp alarms from sensors allow the management system to react faster, improving maintenance teams response.

Monitoring LV feeders by deploying distributed sensors assures that the increasing micro-generation penetration is monitored, leveraging dynamic voltage control through the active management of Photovoltaic (PV) production by controlling their inverters with set-points calculated locally at the secondary substation.

The developed devices and fault detection and location functionalities will be integrated in a pilot grid area of EDP Distribuição (the Portuguese DSO) in the region of Batalha, Portugal, whose infrastructure will provide a realistic demonstrator for the solution validation.

A laboratorial demonstrator will also be deployed for validating the active management of PV micro-generation for voltage regulation purposes.