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EDP Distribuição

EDP Distribuição - Energia, S.A. is the EDP Group's company operating in the regulated distribution and supply businesses in Portugal. EDP Distribuição owns approximately 99% of the electricity distribution grid in mainland Portugal - it does not own the auto-producers and small cooperatives grids.

Besides the high-voltage (60 kV), medium-voltage (specifically the 30 kV, 15 kV and 10 kV) and low-voltage overhead and underground power lines, the distribution grid also consists of substations (HV/MV), secondary substations (MV/LV), as well as other equipment and devices necessary for its operation.

The facilities used for public lighting are also part of the distribution grid. These infrastructures are fundamental for EDP Distribuição's electricity distribution activity and their construction and operation are strongly related to the company's need to satisfy the increases in consumption and to guarantee the level of quality defined by the regulatory parameters and in accordance with customer expectations.